✕ rock from the battlefields of The Winter War ✕

This high quality magically beautiful, perfectly dark natural stone is proudly discovered and mined from stonerichsoil of Kainuu, Finland.
Once, it has bursted from volcano developing it's durable features on the way to the surface of the planet earth. And for reason, it is our main raw material. Having features like being super tough and showy, the rock also bends very well for the design of jewelry & different accessories.

And, isn't it fascinating that some natural material can withstand fire and ice unchanged and unbroken? And most of all, last millions of years 🌍

It is named after by it looks – Absolute Black

It comes from where forests whispers sounds of battles. It is the rock from historic battlefields of the Winter War, Suomussalmi.
When talking about the finished product, it can be matte finished, highly polished, ecologically crushed or have a raw natural surface with bunch of attitude.