Sawing, sanding and drilling.
All these things are made just by hands in traditionally way only with water as its friend. 
Polished look goes through 7 wet sanding phases, raw surface has attitude, matte is trendy and crushed edgy look has ecologically story. Carefully molded and finished by hand.
Just to maintain the authentic feeling.
We strive to minimize the earth's load during the manufacturing process. We appreciate the durable material and we use 100% of the stone. Nice, right?


✖️ no automation
✖️ handcrafted in traditional ways by using only water
✖️ 100% Finnish natural rock  
✖️crushed, raw, matte or polished 
✖️ mined in the North of Finland​
✖️ combined with steel, silver, wood, leather & rubber
✖️ pure Finnish quality
✖️ by dark-minded family company
✖️ @our cozy workshop in Finland

✖️ we use 100% of the rock, no waste​



rockers workshop




✖️ 100% Finnish natural stone

​✖️ combined with steel, silver, leather & rubber

​✖️ handcrafted pieces