All of the rockers workshop jewelry is designed and manufactured in our workshop at Kainuu, Finland. Jewelry is packed in an ecological hand-assembled Finnish wooden box, where the product will remain intact during the transition and will also act as a nice display storage container afterwards.

Sustainable stone production. We are designing our own production to minimize the impact on nature and at the same time we strive to fulfill our role in sustainable development. As a good indication, we use 100% of the stone in innovative future natural RockCosmetics products, where stone is the most important raw material.

We strive to be able to work together with Finnish (favoring the local) companies, whenever it is possible to implement. Fortunately in Kainuu where we are, surrounded by nature, many companies have ability to produce important materials and parts.

We use durable materials in our products. As a good example our main material stone, which is natural material that lasts, and does not cause damage to nature when worked. Also in the design of the products, we take into account the timelessness as well. Sustainably formulated jewelry/item has a longer life cycle burdening our environment less.

We care, we do not favor a disposable culture and we hope that our products will bring joy even possible multiple users. In the future, we will continue to develop production under conditions of sustainable development 🌍


All of our stones are 100% Finnish, mined from Northern Finland. We produce all the stones ourselves and completely by hand in Mieslahti, Finland at our workshop.

Absolute Black - solid and mineral rich black stone from the battlefields of the Winter War, Kainuu, Suomussalmi.

Absolute White - Winter Diamond stone, pure snow quartz from Kainuu, Vuokatti.

Absolute Rose - natural rose colored quartz from Kainuu, Kivesvaara.

Absolute Ocean - a piece of the world's oldest seabed, from Kainuu, Paltamo.

We use Finnish birch for product packages. Made by a Finnish partner in Kajaani, Northern Finland.
Birch plywood parts are handcrafted at our workshop and also sourced from Finland.

Stainless steel
Bigger steel parts are manufactured in Finland, mostly locally in Kainuu.
In these products, most of grinding and all of finishing is done by hand.

The manufacture of some of the smaller steel parts and some parts of which are unprofitable/impossible to manufacture here, comes from Europe, USA or Asia.

We use stainless steel which can also be used by nickel allergies.
(we do not recommend steel products for people who are hypersensitive to nickel or similar allergies)

We use silver 925.

Silver parts are mainly produced in Finland. Parts are mostly made by hand and all of the jewelry finishes are hand-made.

Some of the minor parts and some parts of which are harder to manufacture here, comes usually from Europe or USA, rarely from Asia.

Artificial & Genuine - leather is sourced from Finland and the leather parts are sewn by ourselves.      

BPA free. Silicone is sourced from Europe.

We use EPDM Standard - rubber. Rubber has been acquired from a Finnish subcontractor, who also cuts the rubber.

We use VEGAN glue. 

We do not take responsibility for matters, where subcontractor of any parts (excluding the stones) has given us incorrect information about part/product.

If you are unsure what you should wear and you have an allergy, make sure you consult a doctor before purchasing something that contains a potential allergen.