Stone production is handmade without automation, traditionally.

We manufacture all the stones ourselves at our workshop. All of our stones are 100% Finnish, mined from Northern Finland, Arctic Lakeland.

We strive to minimize the earth's load during the manufacturing process. We appreciate the durable materials and we use 100% of the stone. Nice, right?


✕ rock from the battlefields of The Winter War ✕
This high quality magically beautiful, perfectly dark natural stone is proudly discovered and mined from stonerichsoil of Kainuu, Finland.
Once, it has bursted from volcano developing it's durable features on the way to the surface of the planet earth. And for reason, it is our main raw material. Having features like being super tough and showy, the rock also bends very well for the design of jewelry & different accessories.

And, isn't it fascinating that some natural material can withstand fire and ice unchanged and unbroken? And most of all, last millions of years 🌍

It is named after by it looks – Absolute Black

It comes from where forests whispers sounds of battles. It is the rock from historic battlefields of the Winter War, Suomussalmi.
When talking about the finished product, it can be matte finished, highly polished, ecologically crushed or have a raw natural surface with bunch of attitude.



✕ winter diamond ✕

Our Winter Diamond, originated and dug from Kainuu.

Sparkling and having looks like crust of snow. It is very very tough and white in color, when worked thin enough it turns into transparent. Classified as a jewel because of its hardness.​

Thanks to its features, it is partly very challenging to work. The hardness of the material makes the sawing difficult and requires also a lot more from tools, it even makes blade spark.​

As a product made, it is best when fully polished,

left to raw surface, or crushed as crystals.


✕ pinkie ✕
Mined from Kainuu, Finland.
Having same features as Absolute White, except nature has colored this rock to have amazing pinky look.
We like it crushed when it comes to jewellery.



✕ piece of world's oldest seabed ✕

   Like it says above, it is truly piece of world's oldest seabed. In present-day, this stone appears on the ground as special rock formations at some places of woods in Kainuu. From this ocean green rock you can almost hear the ocean waves and see how they have molded the surface.​

Color of polished Absolute Ocean varies from deep black to intense army green, seasoned with silver flakes on surface.