Using paraffin oil (from pharmacy), is a good way to keep your stonejewelry/items as new and non-staining.

Let it affect for a while and wipe off for example with microfiber cloth. Remember to wash it first with runnin water to remove scratching materials.


Even if the stone does not scratch easily, wash first before polishing.

Dry before using microfiber cloth to polish.

Use a small amount of liquid paraffin if needed and wipe off with microfiber cloth.

The end result looks like a new one.


Remember that our products are not ment to be toys, and due to the nature of the products treat them carefully, like any other jewelry or item. They are not unbreakable, do not throw it, bend it, or treat it badly any other way.


Keep products out of the reach of children!


If your uncertain how to polish your stonejewelry, feel free to contact us at