Finnish rock is unique, rough and owns bunch of attitude.
We design and mold rock as jewelry & accessories that will ROCK your outfit 👊
Bring out your rock soul 🤘
A Finnish lifestyle stonebrand built from unexplored and dormant material. Rockers workshop combines alternative cultures with stone jewelry & accessories to be worn with bunch of attitude. High quality Finnish Absolute Black natural stone and ageless unisex design guarantee that you will use your pieces at all times. Genuine natural material in its various forms makes the product unique and makes it a pleasure to own your own rock or give them as a gift that stands out.

Two heads together having a inspiration from long duration of darkness in Finnish winter. By chance and through several coincidences, the idea of ​​building a new kind of stonebrand was born. As we got ourselves deeper and deeper with the characteristics of our main material, we discovered that the stone was not used in the way it could be done.

Roots of design comes from sustainable stone production, where we are designing our own production to minimize the impact on nature and at the same time we strive to fulfill our role in sustainable development. As a good indication, we use 100% of the stone which is also inline with slow fashion. Primarily combined with modern steel that doesn't change color or shape they make a good combination.

Rocks are pieces of natures art on their own, but they are given many surfaces and forms when turned into design items. It is neat to remember, due the nature every piece is unique, like us people.

✕ We Are Made Of Stone ✕

You can order rockers workshop products from our web shop from anywhere in the world 🌍